Economic Development: Help Business Get More Customers…

In my work with multiple small businesses in Northeast Ohio I am struck by the fact that there are some great smalll businesses here that have outstanding potential for growth IF they focused or received help on gaining new customers. IF they gained new customers they would probably need new employees, who would pay taxes, spend their earnings and improve the quality of life in the area. IF this is so, then why is so much economic development effort (money and time) spent on wooing companies to move here and other companies to stay and so little energy is put into helping our current companies GET MORE CUSTOMERS? Maybe some portion of economic funding and effort could go toward helping current and prospective companies build an improved Customer Acquisition engine. Just a thought.

6 Comments Economic Development: Help Business Get More Customers…

  1. Anita Campbell

    Steve, what you say makes perfect sense. I suspect the reason ED initiatives focus on luring/keeping companies is, quite simply, that the result is “measurable.”

    However, as I learned long ago about setting goals: just because a goal is measurable doesn’t mean it’s meaningful.

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