ENTREPRENEUR: Is Your Partnership About to Crash and Burn?

This is an excellent article on Partnerships by Dorene LeHavi, PHD on how to make conscious the critical signs that your partnership may be headed to a very rocky storm.

The Seven C’s: Danger Signs not to be Ignored

When Harry teamed up with Joe, everyone thought it was a business match made in heaven. Both loved the clothing business. Harry was a natural salesman with good design sense and Joe was a shrewd buyer and financial whiz. Together they opened a clothing store that showed every sign of becoming a franchise.So why after just a year, when the flagship store was a big hit were they struggling with a costly and acrimonious divorce? Why were they talking about bankruptcy instead of the fall line — when they talked at all?One of the main reasons was a communications breakdown, which is all too common with partnerships. Few, however ever pay heed until it grows into a monster. The very things that made Harry and Joe such a perfect complement to each other were now tearing the business apart. It can happen in any partnership if great care is not taken.

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