10 Questions to Self-Assess Your Customer Focus

Keeping customer-focused can be difficult without some simple reminders to help us do so. Use the questions below to evaluate your company’s service attitude.  


1. Do we survey our customers to find out how satisfied they are with our products/services and ask for suggestions for improvements?  


2. Do we survey our staff to find out how satisfied they are with the working environment and ask for their suggestions for improvement?  


3. Do we have a written mission statement or specific long range goals that focus on our commitment to providing our customers with quality products and services?  


4. Do we collect information on what poor quality and service costs our company in terms of lost customers, wasted time, and reduced morale?  


5. Do we train our frontline staff in telephone and face-to-face customer relations skills?  


6. Do we train our managers in the skills they need to support staff in providing excellent service (team-building, delegation, coaching and so on)?  


7. Do we put newly hired staff through an orientation process that stresses the importance of customer service in their specific job?  


8. Do we have a computer system that supports our staff in providing fast and efficient service to our customers?  


9. Do we have a process in place that allows us to make specific changes in our policies and procedures based on customer feedback?  


10. Do we go out of our way to reward and recognize staff for their efforts on behalf of the customer?  

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