KNOWLEDGE: Take Your Small Business Global

Note: This AudioCast is Free!

– Do you need new markets to grow?

– Do you have a perception that going global is a huge effort?

– Do you have the Global IQ to get it done?

– What are the best countries to export to?

– What resources are there to help me?

These questions and more are answered by one of the best Small Business Globalization experts available, Laurel Delaney on our SMB Trendwire AudioCast. Learn more about what we call WII-FM (What’s in it for me) in taking your small business global. Laurel answers several audience questions and talks about what a small business should do and not do to go global.

This call was held December 30th at 4 pm EST but you can listen to the archive FREE by following the link below.

Read more or click on the red arrow in the audio player below to listen.

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