MARKETING: To Blog or Not to Blog…

I had the pleasure to sit on a panel discussion at a NEOSA (A Technology Association) event in Northeast Ohio, USA this morning. The topic was Profiting from Blogging and RSS for Business. We had an audience of about 50 people, most of whom had very little exposure to blogging but were trying to get educated about how this tool may be used in their businesses.

My responsibility on the panel was to discuss “Why” should a business consider blogging and I wanted to share my thoughts here for my readers benefit.

I narrowed it down to some very simple concepts. Blogging is another tool that can be used to acquire, serve and retain customers or clients and that if your business desires a more ‘true’ relationship with its markets, then blogging may be right for your business. Of course I cautioned, that like all relationships there can be positives and negatives and like any relationship it takes work to make it work. Unlike static websites, blogs take daily effort and daily hard work to insure the tool is building the type of relationship that you want with your market.

To see a great example of a business blog vist The Tinbasher Blog HERE.

This is a blog for a company named Butler Sheetmetal and is authored by Paul Woodhouse, you might want to check it out!

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