Search Engines Rank Blogs Higher – Here’s Proof!

Nearly a year ago, I had started a business blog about a fictitious “paper” startup company and named it “BusinessWorks Inc – A Dotcom in making”. In this blog, I wrote articles about brainstorming, technology (RFID in particular), created a complete business plan, tips about Venture Capitalists, Vendor evaluation and many other entrepreneur related articles.

There is a real company by the name of Businesswoks Inc, which is in business since 1992. Out of curiosity, I searched for “Businessworks Inc” on Google to find my business blog listed first on search results to my surprise. First page of search results showed four out of 10 results related to my blog! This intrigued me and I conducted same search on MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves and AOL.

Here is what I found. With the exception of Yahoo and Alta Vista (where my blog is listed at number 2 position), all other search engines, including Google (one that has 53.2% of Search Engine market share) listed my blog on the top of its search results!

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1 Comment Search Engines Rank Blogs Higher – Here’s Proof!

  1. Musicguy

    GASP! big business is losing to the little guy. Quick- call the capitalism police and have those commie bastards sent to cuba where they belong!


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