Which Internet Phone Service is the Best?

by Sam Schechner

I’m sitting in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. I just spoke with my girlfriend in New York for an hour. Per-minute cost: $0. That’s because my trusty Internet phone came along with me.

An Internet phone is nothing more than an inconsequential-looking electronic adapter with blinking lights on the front and a few jacks in the back. Plug a normal telephone into its phone jack, then plug the adapter directly into your router, which is hooked up to a broadband Internet connection. Some Internet phone carriers also let you make calls through your computer; others, like Skype, require it. But the genius of most Internet phones is that your computer isn’t involved at all.

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3 Comments Which Internet Phone Service is the Best?

  1. Cinthia

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    ur this post is really great!!
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    can u plz send me details of this method to my id cinthia.nazneen@gmail.com??

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