Web Trends for 2006 for Developers

Here are some vague but interesting trends for web developers and others for 2006.

- Ajax hype will continue but eventually fail
- Web 2.0 is going to be the next ‘dotcom’ craze
- Web applications will take off BIG time
- The internet as a pipeline is just getting started
- Interoperability is key
- Password handling is getting complicated
- ‘Gettting real’ is going to get a taste of reality
- Simplicity will be replaced by being ‘right’
- Web design standards will get a whole new meaining

For more details on these web trends click HERE

1 Comment Web Trends for 2006 for Developers

  1. faeriebell

    As long as Ajax isn’t overused on a sites it can continue to gain popularity. If webmasters start using Ajax on everything yes people will quickly tire of it!


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