Are You Leader Enough…

Are you one of the more than 1.2 million small and emerging businesses* in the United States. Are you one of these businesses who have a mature, passionate leader (CEO/president/founder/leader) who seeks excellence in their business; who wants to improve short- and long-term planning, and wants his/her team members to perform to their potential, and execute more consistently toward the company’s strategy. Are you that leader?

Are you a passionate business leader who understand that the skill set to build a product — and to build an organization — are entirely different.

And you want achieve lasting excellence, and you know you need your organization to make the transition from building great products or services — to building a great organization, that can build great products or services.

If you are looking for the right path or the right recipe or methodology to help you in this journey you need to check out Six Disciplines HERE!

Or are you a consultant or organization who wants to help support these 1.2 million businesses and are looking for a structure to work within to do so. If so check out the business opportunity with Six Disciplines HERE.

1 Comment Are You Leader Enough…

  1. Daniel M. Harrison

    This is of some interest as I am currently studying for my MBA, but I must say, the more that I do look at these habits/disciplines/frameworks the more they seem to just repeat what has already been said in “In Search of Excellence” by Peters and Waterman and Covey’s “7 Habits”, with a dash of additional common sense thrown in for good measure.

    What is more, supposedly high-brow publishers such as the Harvard Business School Press seem only to happy to churn out this garbage month-after-month.

    Provocative and innovative writing is fantastic, but re-hashes of the latter get a little tiring, however, I’ll look at the ‘six disciplines’ carefully, and won’t pass any judgement yet: my advice would be to comment more exponentially on the merits of a framework such as this when offering it next time though. All the same, much appreciated, and good blog.


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