Small Business Branding – It’s Not “œWe”, It’s “œMe”

For small businesses there is no more powerful brand message to project than yourself. Even for big business, a personality brand can be a powerful message. “Richard Branson” is almost as meaningful as the Virgin brand itself. I think they are synonymous in a lot of ways. I see Virgin and I think Richard is behind this so it’s got to be good. If it wasn’t for the corporate structure of big business, where ownership is not in the hands of one person and the “captain of the ship” changes regularly, I’d be a proponent of personality branding for big business too.

Small business branding is not a good logo, a rhyming name, or special font. Small business branding is the owner. It’s what the owner does, says and how the owner’s traits come through in every aspect of the business.

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1 Comment Small Business Branding – It’s Not “œWe”, It’s “œMe”

  1. DC

    In any brand, small business or large, what the owner says and does is only the tip of the iceberg. Your brand is the is the sum of all customer experiences – big or small, good or bad. Whether that experience comes from the owner, a manager, or a receptionist is irrelevant. It’s all equal in the eyes of the customer.

    What other people say about your company after you’ve left the room is what makes your brand.


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