Small Business Trends Radio – Building a Successful Online Forum – a Case Study

Host Anita Campbell interviews Lee Dodd of Zydeca Media (TheForumFix blog) in this edition of Small Business Trends Radio.

Many of you probably know forums by another term, discussion boards. In this information packed conversation Lee and Anita use a case-study format to bring you up to date on how forums operate today.

Forums continue to grow in popularity, driven in part by the renewed use of the internet as a vehicle for community building. Lee shares how to plan a forum, operate the forum, use it to leverage your business today or even start a business that is forum based.

A key takeaway is that forums take as much work and attention as any other business, the plus is that if you are passionate about a topic then you are half-way there.

Go here to learn more and listen to “Building a Successful Online Forum – a Case Study” with Lee Dodd..

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