Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes

Online marketing seems easy enough: build a website, buy some keywords on Google, and then watch the world flock to your site to buy your products and/or services. Unfortunately, life is rarely that easy, and marketing on the internet is no exception.

Almost every mistake you can make on the web derives from the fundamental assumption that designing and building a website, marketing your product/service, and measuring the results are separate, compartmentalized activities. In fact, the opposite is true: one must approach online marketing with a holistic philosophy that recognizes the interrelatedness of, say, the structure of a website and its ability to rank highly in search results.

Mistake #1: Thinking That Keyword Advertising Is Everything
Everyday I meet people who are pouring money into pay-per-click search and ignoring organic search. This is a costly mistake that only helps to line pockets of Google shareholders. Not that I have anything against the success of Google. To the contrary, Google has done more to shine a light on the power of internet marketing than anyone else.

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