Would You Buy Litigation Avoidance Services

I am trying to help a friend do a little bit of informal market research. For 20 years he has practiced in the area of business disputes and litigations and thinks that so many of his cases could have been avoided. So he is thinking of launching a legal service that is focused on ‘litigation avoidance’ to save business clients the expense and stress and sometimes a loss of a business that comes along with some business disputes.

My question to my readers is do you think there is a market for such a service? Would you buy it? What would you pay? What would it entail from your perspective? If you could leave your thoughts in a comment that would be very helpful, thanks.

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  1. Market Affiliate Program

    With as many legal disputes as go on in this country, I definitely think your friend has a good thing in is hands. If he develops a good business plan, gets himself some assessment, he can definitely start. However, I advise that he first establishes a plan. Starting something like this or developing it as you go, may result in frustrations rather than success.


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