10 Reasons Why Organizations are Not Able to Retain Employees

1) People don’t get integrated. Most organizations have an orientation program which is more of data-dump or focussed on compliance trainings being completed. The focus should be more on enabling employees to form networks within themselves.

2) Performance goals are unclear. In a fast growing team or business the focus is on getting the thing done today, but rarely are performance goals thought through and employees told as to which resources to approach for help.

3) Development is always tomorrow’s job. Culturally Indians are focussed on learning. If learning adds value only to the job and not to the overall career goals of the individual then the organizations seems too transactional for the employee.

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2 Comments 10 Reasons Why Organizations are Not Able to Retain Employees

  1. Quickbooksguy

    Small Business owners focus a great deal on customer needs, but it is also important to build a high performing orgnazation by taking the time to develop your own employees. After all, a lot of the time, they are placing a career bet and financial bet on the outcome of the business.


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