Used Business Books – What to Do with Them?

I recently went through my shelves of books and pulled out about 100 business books that I no longer need to own but am having a hard time finding a home for them. I called my library about donating them, they weren’t accepting donations. I tried to sell some on (an Ebay business) but it was more work than it was worth, so I was wondering, are there other people with the same dilema? I am sure there are millions of books, long since read or at least being ignored on shelves around the world. How could they be recirculated and benefit the seller and the buyer?

Would a Netflix model work for business books? You subscribe, choose from a selction as many as you want, return them when you want? Would that work for used business books? They are like DVD’s in that they are usually used once, read in a few weeks and almost never looked at again. What do you think, is that model workable? Is there such a service already available that would give me a greater selection than my local small town library and be a home for used books.

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  1. Kris

    see if there is a used bookstore where you live. They may take them, you can get money back or creadet for the store.

  2. Steve Rucinski

    Thanks I tried that, the nearest used bookstore is a fair distance from me. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Becky McCray

    I love the new business idea. Thanks for sharing!

    I immediately thought of US libraries in the hurricane damaged-areas, so I did a quick search. The American Library Association is not collecting books, but has a fact sheet on book donation.

    Local libraries in my small town accept donated books to resell at book fairs. I love these! You can’t beat a wonderful book for 50 cents!

  4. BrettBum

    Don’t neglect the obvious!

    You blog about Small Business topics. You’ve read a number of business books that no longer have enough to teach you to consider a re-read.

    Grab a book at random once a month, pick a chapter/topic as it catches your eye, scan it for a quick topic, preferably something that you have experience with (experience that is not in the book) and put in a quick article to your blog.

    You are sitting on a treasure trove of recyclable content, inspiration and rapid reference that you have mastered already.

    Its always easy to find things the second time around, and I’m sure you can employ your wisdom to the books reference material in a way that your readers will benefit from even more than if they were to pick up the book from you.

    Not to mention, your perspective changes. Its one thing to learn a business concept in school when you have no experience. Its very different for a person with experience to learn something from the same concept as more depth can be applied to the lesson. Your now in the position of a blog instructor so go back find the useful lessons and share them with us with a little applied wisdom!

    Best Regards,

  5. Andy R.

    You could always consider donating them to a recent college graduate who will be making near poverty wages next year and is planning on starting a business in his free time.

    Said college student would gladly pay for shipping.

    *cough cough*


  6. Steve Rucinski

    Thanks for you excellent comments, you have given me knew things to think about relative to the latent value in the books as well as some ideas of what I might do with them.

  7. Cheesed Off!

    I guess all libraries are not the same. I have donated hundreds of books and magazines to the library locally in the last 5 years. They accept them every time and sell them with other used books. Many of the Columbus, OH libraries have annual book sales of donated books. I even file my book donations as a donation for taxes.

    As for the business idea, there are used books all over the place that would be your competitors.

    There was one unique idea of what do with books when you done that I have seen. I can’t recall the name, but you basically put a sticker for this website in the book and then leave it someplace, like a park bench and then people sign in as they get it. You can then track its progess across the world, especially if you leave it laying at a airport.


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