Retail Success – The Key May Be the Restrooms

Powersport retail expert, John Wyckoff, writes this great article. He describes how a seemingly minor detail can make a big impact on a small retailer such as a motorcycle dealership.

My idea number 21: Make your restrooms sparkle. I am serious that this is an idea to improve a dealer’s (or any retail business’s) profitability.

First, more and more women are becoming riders. More women are accompanying their husbands, boyfriends, family member when they shop for a motorized “toy.”

Next, women frequent a restroom twice as often as men. Women over 20 and those who have had a baby frequent restrooms even more often. Women are very sensitive when it comes to the cleanliness and supplies when they use a restroom.

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  1. Editor

    I agree with you 100%! Thank you for making business owners aware. I do believe it would help a lot of businesses, not just retail, but anything where women are becomming more involved. I do think men appreciate a clean bathroom as well though, don’t get me wrong. So, I think it should be a focus of every company to maintain cleanliness where it counts.


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