Small Business Advertising Goes Big Time

JWT, one of the world’s largest ad agencies, and Spot Runner, the first Internet-based ad agency, today announced they have entered into a strategic alliance to collaborate on national clients who want a scaleable, local TV advertising solution and the ability to advertise within emerging video platforms, such as online video, video-on-demand and IPTV.

Spot Runner, Inc. is a privately held, Internet-based advertising agency that makes it fast, easy and affordable for local businesses to advertise on TV. Its revolutionary approach to commercial production, media planning and media buying gives local businesses access to a powerful marketing tool that was previously out of their reach. The entire process is automated online, making it cost-effective for even the smallest of businesses to use.

Check out Spotrunner today, it is very cool!

2 Comments Small Business Advertising Goes Big Time

  1. Anonymous

    Took a look. They don’t let you air your ad yourself or post it on your own web site. Their air time costs are many times more than what I can have a local agency buy for me. My ad can be used by my direct competitors. No bargain here.

  2. Anonymous

    I am a contract computer programmer working with a Seattle company that works with military contracts for Homeland Security, protecting our national and international interests.

    My technology includes real-time live video/audio for the military, which could see over 4 miles sight-to-sight regarding target launchings, count fish under water for the DNR in Washington State for salmon, and using solar powered cameras on the Golden State Bridge the Coast Guard could pant/tilt/zoom what was needed to see.


    Real-time live internet technology can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone in any website.

    This technology includes:

    1.) Software application utilizing H.264 data compression, which can be streamed live requiring only 100k of bandwidth from viewers.

    2.) Hardware to capture and transmit the audio/video through the internet with all types including wireless.

    3.) Software web-browser for viewers without using any media player.

    4.) Software/Hardware application handling all the internet traffic for viewing.

    5.) Unlimited… viewers, and locations.

    If you would like to see this technology live give me a call.

    Thanks for your time and patience.


    Steven Nowak
    262-844-0524 cell


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