Shed Unsightly Pounds of E-mail “¦ Instantly

Warning: Too much e-mail can be bad for your health!

Like chocolate, e-mail is a sweet treat we all savor. But as a favorite mode of communication in this world-one so quick, simple and far-reaching that millions rely on it daily-it’s also become a burden that clogs our inbox, weighs us down, slows our productivity and outright overwhelms us.

_The E-mail Diet Book_ by Martin Siegel and Steve Clapp will change all that. With a humorous approach that compares our e-mail addiction to chocolate (and sweetens the book with a few fabulous chocolate recipes), _The E-mail Diet Book_ shows readers how to take control of their e-mail and make it work for-not against-them.

The book offers practical, easy strategies that students, professionals and home computer users alike can use to limit and most efficiently and effectively deal with incoming and outgoing e-mail. Readers will learn how to defend themselves against spam, identity theft and discourtesy of other e-mailers. They’ll also explore the often-overlooked ways e-mail can improve and streamline communication and productivity among colleagues, those we love and the world at large.

About the Authors:

Martin Siegel, Executive Associate Dean of the School of Informatics at Indiana University, is one of the country’s top authorities on instructional design and Web-based instruction. He is the founder of Wisdom Tools, a software development and Web-based instructional company. Steve Clapp is the president of Christian Community, Inc. a nonprofit research and development company that’s focused on the health of congregations and nonprofits. He has authored or coauthored more than 30 books.

Shed Unsightly Pounds of Email

1 Comment Shed Unsightly Pounds of E-mail “¦ Instantly

  1. Staci

    I’m sure that everyone out there can benefit from this read. I know I’ll be checking it out and am also going to refer it to several friends – thanks for the post!


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