How to Make a New Hire in 30 Days (or less)

I have worked for and with so many businesses that seem to take forever to move through the hiring process. I believe that once you commit to adding a new employee you should move with expediency. Your business will benefit from the injection of new talent and your candidates will certainly appreciate (and share with others) how effective your company is at the hiring process.

I am making a couple of assumptions here I want to share before I suggest some improved process steps to you.

The assumptions are:

You have a job description, you have competency descriptions for the position and the compensation is defined and you are using a web based job posting service like or and you have a defined process for what you want to do during the interviews.

Ok, on with my process suggestions.

Step 1: place your job listing in the online service of your choosing.

Step 2: after one week gather the resumes you have received and narrow them down to the 6-12 that you want to explore further.

Step 3: during week two have a conference call with these 6-12 candidates, that is right, a conference call.

During this call you explain more about the company and answer all of the questions you can and share the common information you would normally share in an in-person interview. This sharing of further information serves the candidates well, some will self-eliminate themselves from further consideration and it saves you calendar and interview time.

Step 4: Block out enough half-day’s of calendar time to give each remaining semi-finalist 60 minutes of in person, interview time and ask them to email you their preferred interview date and time. Conduct these interviews during week 3.

Step 5: After the 4-8 semi-finalist interviews you should be down to 1-3 finalists, during week 4 bring the finalists in for further interview time or group interviews or maybe just further open discussion.

Step 6: Ok, the 30 days is almost up, you should be ready to hire, make an offer.

If you need help using this process feel free to send an email to, I would be glad to help, no charge.

1 Comment How to Make a New Hire in 30 Days (or less)

  1. Staci

    Good advice, Steve, and I agree wholeheartedly. One point I’d like to mention is that when a company or it’s personnel department takes an exceedingly long time to choose, interview, and decide on a potential candidate, it can leave the impression that the company isn’t prioritizing and is also not focused on efficiency and the needs of the employees currently picking up the workload for the empty position.

    If you are an employee in a company that takes 2-3 months to fill a position, it can become very frustrating and leaves the current employees feeling as if the company is not thinking of them. Someone else is usually performing that workload and sacrificing additional time, energy and possibly even their own positions responsibilities in order to see that everything’s being done. This is when mistakes can happen and efficiency is lost.

    If you are an employer, please keep your current employees in mind when attempting to fill an empty position – and also your new employee. Too much time elapsing can result in too much “cleanup” being necessary in the future to put things back into place. And when the responsibilities of that open position have been spread out over several employees over the course of 2-3 months – when the new employee is hired, they are gathering information and training from several different people and departments that may have not really been knowledgable about it in the first place and have simply been “stepping in.”


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