Online Rival to Quickbooks

FreshBooks surpassed 100,000 “happy” business users since its initial release in 2004. FreshBooks is a painless online invoicing and time tracking service designed for small businesses and independent professionals that makes them look “Fortune 500″ professional. Packages range from free to $39 per month.

FreshBooks changes the way small businesses manage their books, saving them time, improving their cash flow, enhancing client communications and streamlining their business processes. The 100k customer mix includes web designers, graphic artists, consultants, and service and home-based businesses.
100k users is an important milestone because it not only signifies the traction that FreshBooks quickly gained, it also spotlights the rapid adoption of online services by the SMB market,” said Michael McDerment, FreshBooks CEO. “FreshBooks helps customers better manage their critical business activities such as collecting receivables, tracking time, and managing customer support, which allows them to focus on growing their business.”

FreshBooks is browser-based to make invoicing easy, always accessible, and fast; so much so that businesses are changing their behavior thanks to the service. Before FreshBooks, businesses used to wait until the end of the month to do their billing, using a combination of complicated spreadsheets or software-based accounting software.

Using FreshBooks the same businesses bill their clients as they complete projects – allowing them to get paid faster.

John Lasiter of reports, “For us, it’s much easier to create invoices. I found I used to put off creating invoices at the end of jobs, but now it’s easy so I do it right away.”

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  1. fin_indie

    I have tried the free Freshbooks offering and I have to say, i don’t get the appeal. It ain’t no Quickbooks online and it’s not even close in terms of functionality. (For the record, I think QB online is a clunky piece of junk too, but that’s another matter). Also, besides the new “tell me your industry”, what part of Freshbooks is Web 2.0????? It’s user interface is as plain and late 90’s as they come.

    Blinksale may be a better choice than Freshbooks, although I’m still deciding on that one as well.

    @Natalie: Simplybill is very hard to use and Billing Orchard seems just like Freshbooks — old, boring and more that what most people need.

    I wrote about this here:

  2. Anonymous

    Try Time59 ( Time tracking, invoicing and true accounts receivable. $19.95 per year for unlimited use

  3. venera


    Our company develop the synchronization between FreshBooks and MS Outlook. GrabSync FreshBooks plugin makes it easy to import and invoice your clients and customers from MS Outlook without having to re-enter their data into FreshBooks.

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