Invoice Factoring – Many Benefits

In times of tight credit, factoring becomes even more attractive. Why? Because factoring is not about getting credit. It’s about selling an asset you own — a receivable.

The end result may appear the same — you get needed operating cash. But the way you get that cash is very different.

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  1. Creative Capital Associates Factoring Company

    There are three great benefits for invoice factoring to grow a company;

    1. The decision to fund is based on the creditworthiness on the borrowers customer, not the financial condition (or challenge) of the company needing the funding.

    2. There will not be a credit limit, such as a bank line of credit. By producing more and more invoices the funding grows with the company.

    3. Very easy to set up. Within days the account can be set up and ready to fund. The absolute quickest access to capital available.

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