Global Business – 8 Ways to Challenge Yourself

A global small business owner cannot allow him or herself to become trapped by what currently exists or is currently possible. Challenge yourself and your team to do or discuss the following to stretch your thinking and imagination.

1) Think of the current constraints within which your team or business operates. If those constraints were gone, what could you do?

2) Identify your current greatest business challenge. What could happen if this were eliminated?

3) Consider and entirely different way in which the organization could be structured. What would be the consequences?

4) If your present distribution channels disappeared, what would you do?

5) If your current sources of material disappeared, what would you do?

6) Suppose your staff members were all from different parts of the world. How would your staff be different?

7) If you could increase sales by 250 percent in one year, what would be the consequences?

8) What would happen if you could reduce the time it takes to do your work by 50 percent? What would you do with the time?

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