6 Steps to Establishing High Standards of Employee Performance

As a manager, it is important you clearly define performance standards for employees. Employees need to know what performance level is expected, what performance is below standards, and what it takes to achieve high standards of performance.

The most convenient time to set performance expectations is during a performance review or at the time of hire or the start of your business planning cycle.

Here are the 6 Steps to High Employee Performance:

1. Identify what you would consider ‘stretch goals’ for the employee, that is, the goals for performance that exceed the job requirements and are challenging, yet attainable.

2. Consider also the requirements for satisfactory performance relative to the employee’s tenure, experience and expertise.

3. Discuss your expectations with your employee, taking into acount his or her perspective and any information you may have overlooked that would affect standards of performance.

4. With your employee, come to consensus on performance standards that meet and exceed expectattions. Document your decisions.

5. Clarify the rewards for performance with the employee.

6. Meet periodically to discuss progress. If appropriate, revise expectations while keeping goals challenging.

If you start with doing just these 6 Steps to High Standards of Employee Performance you will see, over time, improved business results.

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