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How You Sell is a Free Sample of How You Solve…

It is difficult, if not impossible, to meet the needs of people you’ve never talked to. And for clients, how you ‘sell’ is a free sample of how you solve.

If they don’t get to see how you analyze a problem and how you work with them in person, it is hardeer to decide between you and other service providers.

In an ideal world, it is better for us to talk, and yet the world is not ideal. Buyers often feel abused by either manipulative or incompetent sales people.

You are a buyer — have you felt that way?

As a result dysfunctional buying practices have arisen to combat dystfunctional selling practices.

You are guilty until proven innocent.

Is your selling a GOOD example of how you solve?

This is inspired by my all-time favorite sale book, Helping Clients Succeed by Mahan Khalsa.

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  1. A.C.

    Problem is most biz owners never truly concentrate on marketing. They are preoccupied with distractions that burn time and add no marketing leverage.

    Fixing the copier. Hassling with callers. Stocking shelves.

    They do eveything ELSE but focus on bringing in the money.

    People with a pool store worry about the signs, or the chlorine display, or the types of kiddie rafts.

    They should be worrying about creative ideas and marketing that brings people into the store.

    Like talking to their high trafficked retail neighbor next door about cross-promoting to each other’s foot traffic.


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