Rallying the Troops – Will a Campaign Help?

I am working with a company that is wants to grow from $3M to $10M over the next 5 years, the company has been flat for several years and has many long term employees.

I have suggested that one things we should implement is a branded internal campaign about the growth goal called 10X5 We Believe and use it for physical reminders of the journey we are on and how each employee is called upon to contribute to the journey to the goal.

I have been employed where such campaigns have existed to help fuel growth and they always seemed to work. Top management supported them and with repetition the culture embraced them as well and it did provide fuel to help growth.

If you experience with such culturally related internal branding campaigns leave a comment, I would appreciate it.

1 Comment Rallying the Troops – Will a Campaign Help?

  1. Caroline Melberg

    You said the magic words yourself: senior management embraced it. Without that, your mission is doomed to failure – but even with it, it’s no guarantee. I was a part of several of these types of initiatives in my former corporate life; the successful adventures had 2 things in common: executive leadership that was committed to the plan, and a company with clearly articulated goals and values that were adhered to and lived at every level of the organization.


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