Leadership the Marine Way

The Marine’s have been developing leaders for centuries and much has been written and chronicled about the process and the successes.

But now you can access some of this knowledge via audio podcast as Wally Adamchik shares the essential universal leadership characteristics used by the U.S. Marines that will enable you to become the successful, natural born leader you are capable of becoming.

Listen to Leadership the Marine Way

3 Comments Leadership the Marine Way

  1. Amanda

    Wally was one of the most engaging guests you’ve had so far. It’s great to hear someone so excited about his work.

    Lack of trust and respect was the main problem in my last job. Hands down I agree that positive interaction with your employees will get you better results. I used to work with 4 doctors. 2 of them would curse & yell when things didn’t go their way. It made everyone tense & on edge.

  2. Staci

    I can relate to Amanda’s comments. . .had a similar experience at one of my previous jobs. As a result, the atmosphere of the office was tense and the company and the employee’s work suffered as a result.


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