Like Your Job – Pursue Your Passion

Pursue the PassionI first connected with Brett Farmiloe last year as a potential guest for our radio show Small Business Trends Radio.

Brett and a couple of college friends were setting out on a cross-country tour to hear the stories of individuals who were pursuing their passion.

Their hope was that they could learn about how they could find and pursue their own passion and also inspire others to find their own and follow it by showing examples of citizens across the land.

Well the project went so well that the Pursue the Passion tour is now a full time endeavor this summer with sponsors, full web presence and more. They have an ebook, a way to submit your own story, they are getting great press in all of their stops across the country. They are pursuing their passion by helping others do the same.

Check out Pursue the Passion, life is too short to do otherwise!

4 Comments Like Your Job – Pursue Your Passion

  1. Amanda

    Very cool. I especailly like the piece about Fairytale brownies. It’s nice to see how someones passion for a family recipe can be turned into a very successful business.

  2. Brett Farmiloe

    Thanks Steve! We are having the time of our lives pursuing the passion. Looking forward to continuing the pursuit over the remaining ten weeks of the Pursue the Passion tour, and developing this idea into something much larger at the conclusion of our journey.

  3. Staci

    Wow. . this is fantastic and was a great idea. It is very inspiring to hear the stories of others and what drove them to be where they are today – good, bad, and all! Many times, stories of success include many tidbits of failure and disappointment. Just goes to show you that everything does truly happen for a reason.


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