Surprise Your Customers

When was the last time you did something to surprise your customers? You know something that would really make them remember you and appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention.

We all spend most of our energy trying to create attention and generate enthusiasm  in our  prospects and potential customers but ignore the current ones. Just ask the wireless phone companies, all of the good deals go to new customers. When is the last time your provider called you and offered a free phone, or a months free service? Probably never like me.

The surprise doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, sometimes a phone call from the owner just to follow-up is enough. The issue is whatever you do has to be sincere, not just an administrative task done without true intent.

Maybe we could call it ‘Random Act of Kindness’ or ‘Pay It Forward’ or something. Try it, I bet your customers will enjoy the experience.

3 Comments Surprise Your Customers

  1. Amanda

    I think it’s always a good idea to show your customers a small bit of appreciation for their business. I always include a small surprise with every order shipped. I like to include a free small token of thanks along with an exclusive discount card for their next order.

  2. Staci

    I like it when a small token of appreciation is made. I purchase a lot of stuff from eBay and have noticed that that particular trend exists alot with the sellers. Those that are selling their crafts, products, etc. always seem to be really appreciative of the sale and, as a result, send along a token of appreciation. And the next time I ready to purchase a similar item – I always go back to the ones that appreciated the sale in the first place.


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