49 Marketing Secrets: Part Six – Enthusiasm Plus A Quality Product = Buzz

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People in the marketing trade can tell you that buzz is a large part of what makes our industry thrive. Buzz is a complex idea, and its dynamic can change depending on thecircumstances.

There are many factors that go into making a buzz-worthy product, and many different techniques you can apply to ensure that your resources are consistent with the type of buzz you’re looking for.

Buzz marketingIn this article, I will address the various forms of buzz with regard to how they’re formed and what purpose they serve. In order to create buzz individually, you must have a high level of excitement and enthusiasm for what you are buzzing about.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be able to sustain your efforts in stirring up the interest of others. The result of your efforts will be people spreading positive word-of-mouth about your business or product.

If there is no excitement, it will be difficult to convince yourself, let alone others, that what you are doing is worthwhile. Of course, there are other ways to generate buzz. It’s sometimes possible to create a product so good, so different, that it generates its own buzz and sales.

It is also possible to do something so newsworthy that you get a lot of buzz from the media. But these are not things you just decide on one day and they magically happen. They take a lot of work and some level of luck.

For the purpose of this article, I will assume you have a high level of enthusiasm for your business or product. As long as you have this I’ll be able to show you how the unique qualities of what you are buzzing about will influence every feature of your buzz campaign.

Dull Product or Bad Quality

dullThe first analysis is the situation where you have very high enthusiasm, but a product that does not excite people. Your excitement makes them take a look, but very few people buy. Even fewer tell someone else about it.

This is very frustrating for the buzz creator because he is sustaining his excitement when no one else buys into it. One of three things is happening in this case:

1) The product is not the right product

2) The product is of very poor quality

3) The product is very boring and/or a commodity

If the product falls into number one or number two, you have to improve the product or move on.

I see number three all the time with professional service providers. Insurance agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners””they all have services that many different people are selling.

Standing out here is not so much about the product as it is developing your personal brand to the point that people will come to you for whatever you are selling.

Difficult Product but Good Product

The “difficult but good” product is one that you can sell to people very easily, but your customers and advocates have trouble selling it via word of mouth after that. Thus, you do not get any scale or residual effect on the buzz effort.

Businesses that try to do too many things for too many people will have trouble in this area. Quality of the product may not be the problem here. The quality of your message and your product packaging probably is.

If this seems to be the problem with your buzz effort, consider the following.

First, simplify your offering. Explain it in a way that the average customer will easily comprehend. If you get them to understand the broad benefits of the product, they’ll always find ways to talk about it.

Next, even after simplification, your product is still probably more difficult to understand than the average product, so devise a strategy to educate your customers, employees, and prospects in a quick and regular way.

Blockbuster Product

This is the kind of buzz that says the quality of your product is great and your benefits are easy to understand. It also says your product easily creates enthusiasm in others.

Crowd BuzzingIf your buzz effort falls into this category, you may have big problems. Are you going to be able to handle orders and questions that are running out of control? Is your quality good now but will plummet as you get busier? People always say to me, “That is a good problem to have”¦” but they do not realize that the incredible high will be followed by an incredible low if you are not prepared to deliver on your promise.

If you are hoping for blockbuster buzz, have a plan for scaling your company. If you get busy and your quality suffers, your buzz will be short-lived.

Steady Buzz

What does a good buzz marketing job look like?

If you are dealing with a big company that can easily scale and maintain quality, the blockbuster scenario is the best. For a small to mid-sized company, the steady buzz will win the race. This is a realistic model for most businesses.

If you have good quality and an easy to understand product with clear benefits, a good percentage of the people you talk to will talk about you, and in turn, a good percentage of people that you have never met will talk about you. Enthusiasm will not be sustained in most cases very far out, but in some cases it will be sustained because the quality of the product gets talked about, even if it is not the next big thing.

This version of buzz may not seem exciting, but it represents double-digit annual growth while maintaining high quality and excellent customer service. This is a goal that should cost you very little to achieve if you already have a quality product.

Simply increase enthusiasm and get more people to start talking about you via everyday channels on a regular basis. Quality and sustainable enthusiasm are the two biggest elements for creating buzz and growing your company. By strategically making more people enthusiastic and maintaining or improving your quality, you will experience positive growth.

Learn more on buzz marketing and other marketing secrets in the book 49 Marketing Secrets That Work to Grow Sales.


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