The 24 Key Management Competencies

Very early in my management career (1976-1993) I worked for a company called Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). In 1979 I went into the management development program and obtained my first management position in 1980.

One thing DEC invested heavily in was a formal management development program. At each level of of management there was a defined set of competencies that you were assessed against, developed toward and ultimately evaluated upon.

In addition, to obtain a management position you had to pass a review board as the final step in your development process. Anyway I thought I would share a list of the Management Competencies that were outlined as requirements for a VP level position.

I think the list is very applicable to Small Business CEO’s and can serve as a basis for evaluation and development. Here is the list:

  1. Customer Focus – is able to think like the customer and how their needs can best be served.
  2. Emphasis on Quality Service – passionately committed to providing fast and high quality support for customer needs.
  3. Diagnosis – casts a keen eye on data and situations to identify and understand discrepancies, patterns, and trends.
  4. Understanding Complexity – appears to ‘embrace’ and thrive on complexity as an opportunity for systems explanations and integrated solutions.
  5. Systemic Thinking – consitently organizes issues into component, logically connected and explainable parts.
  6. Strategic Influence – orchestrates influence efforts to persuade others and gain buy-in.
  7. Strategic Communication – systematically considers issues of content, medium, audience, impact and timing when shaping communications.
  8. Focus on Results – maintains and articulates a focus on results as a key driver for activity.
  9. Efficient Use of Resources – is consistenly alert to opportunities to achieve efficiencies.
  10. Building the Organizations Capabilities – analyzes, structures and manages the organization and its people to build its capabilities.
  11. Adaptability – is comfortable in a role which fluctuates between tactical and strategic business activity.
  12. Strategic Leadership – sets the strategic agenda and repeatedly conveys it to all levels of the organization through word and action.
  13. Environmental Scanning – regularly scans the business environment to keep up to date on trends, problems and opportunities.
  14. Cross-Functional Perspective – positions oneself as an integration manager in order to overcome functional blinders and barries.
  15. Forward Thinking – consistently thinks and acts with a future orientation — an eye to what the next demans and opportunities are likely to be.
  16. Entrepreneurial Initiative – identifies and aggressively pursues opportunities for improvement and business development.
  17. Collaboration – values and promotes collaboration as a major tool to accomplish business objectives.
  18. Self-Confidence – asserts strong or unpopular views with the confidence derived from a clear understanding of ones own capabilities.
  19. Political Awareness – understands influence factors in organizational life and the extent of one’s own power.
  20. Market Orientation – concentrating on maintaining and expanding the customer base.
  21. Concern for Morale – fostering enthusiasm and motivation for others.
  22. Information Management Ability – orchestrating the flow of information in and out of the organization.
  23. Commitment to Employee Development – sharing expertise or providing career help to employees.
  24. High Clarity – establishing priorities, setting expectations, defining accountabilities and delineating time frames.

For about 25 years now I have used this list as my personal development guide, I view my career choice as being an effective leader and manager. I feel that if I develop continously in each of these competencies I can lead and manage across business functions, across industries and different size companies.

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4 Comments The 24 Key Management Competencies

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  3. EJMalyn

    More companies need to invest in just this. Thanks for sharing the 24 kegs, it is very impressive and certainly does make for great evaluation and development for a small business CEO. Great site!

  4. Scott

    Interesting stuff! It seems to me that the true key to success in all of this is finding a way to prioritize this list given your personal and organizational situation.


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