Small Business Healthcare – The Challenge Continues

Healthcare cost growth has slowed slightly in the last few years but the overall cost of providing employees of small businesses healthcare continues to be a BIG problem.

How can small businesses compete for talented individuals when healthcare costs prevent them from offering the best total compensation package available.

Listen to Dawn Rivers Baker of the Microenterprise Journal update us on the state of small business health care and what kind of Federal Government action is being taken to address this growing concern.

Here is what President Bush had to say on the issue:

“And the mission… of government is to make sure that the quality of health care received by our patients around this country remains the best in the world. Private medicine works. And we need to make sure that we put good policies in place to make sure private medicine is the norm, quality care is given to as many Americans as possible… Our job is to keep the economy growing as best we can so people are able to help themselves and get out of poverty and be able to afford health care… that’s why I’m suggesting that Congress revisit the tax code to make it easier for citizens to be able to afford insurance.”

President George W. Bush
February 21, 2007

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