Sales Compensation Plan Changes

At my office I am in the middle of a compensation plan change for the sales team. Unfortunately I did not anticipate the amount of “static energy” that would be generated amongst the team as a result of my authentic and early communication around the changes.

I have outlined the purpose for the change (based on my full year observations at the company) and how it will actually help us have a plan that is understandable, derived from the bottom up and enable everyone to make more money.

I don’t think people are not supportive it is just there has to be a reaction to any change (granted pay is pretty important) and this is no different. Maybe I am just having a reaction to their reaction, I knew all along there would be a ‘change’ reaction but am still surprised at the mental cycles it is eating up for everyone.

If you have suggestions on how to best implement or communicate  a compensation plan change or any change for that matter leave me a comment, I would appreciate your thoughts.

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  1. Paul Brown

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