Facts to Trends to Knowledge

I love learning about interesting factoids they help me learn about the world and plan for change. Below are some interesting ones from Chief Executive Magazine.

  • Price of a Venti Mocha in Moscow: $8.98, price in New York City: $4.71
  • Percentage of Japanese women in their 20’s who own an Louis Vitton item, 94.3%
  • Average age of US Senators: 60, the oldest average in history
  • Difference in the number of days in session between the 110th Congress and the 100th, 150 days
  • Price per month that Japanese consumers pay for one megabyte per second of Internet Service: 27 cents
  • Factor by which American internet consumers pay more for the same service: 12 times
  • Frequent flier miles awarded by US Airlines over the last 25 years: 19 Trillion
  • Budget for the University of Florida Athletic Department: $69 Million
  • Budget for the University of Florida English Department: $6.3 Million
  • Ratio of US adults who did not read a single book last year: 25%

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