Stop the Economic Whining, It’s Education Stupid

I live in Northeast Ohio in the USA. If you listened to most media in our state on a regular basis it would have you believe that we might as well close down and move out. The economy is tanked, foreclosures are at epidemic proportions, jobs are exiting to China and more.

I have held out for my 9 years in this state that the key to turning things around is education, period. Here is an article excerpt from Crain’s Cleveland Business:

Thousands of jobs in this region and across Ohio are going unfilled for lack of skilled workers, leading Gov. Ted Strickland to push new programs for the state’s oft-criticized system for training workers.

Four of every 10 employers in Ohio reported having a hard time finding qualified workers.

In this region, thousands of job are open in health care, high technology, information technology and manufacturing.

There’s a perception that manufacturing is dead, and it’s anything but,” said Jack Schron, who employs 200 at his Collinwood rail yard plant.

Let’s see, plenty of jobs, not enough skilled workers, how to close the gap, sounds like education and training to me.

Read the full article: Thousands of jobs go unfilled for lack of skilled workers

P.S. Watch the upcoming Democratic debate, it will be filled with economic negatives, big business is bad messages aimed at Ohio. Seems to me the focus should be on education and training, not pity pile-ons.

2 Comments Stop the Economic Whining, It’s Education Stupid

  1. Martin Lindeskog

    I enjoyed my time in Troy, Ohio. My employer provided the employees with good benefits. The Midwest will continue to be a central part of the economy if it stays attractive to the market forces. I wonder what would happen if the United States of America could continue to be the place to live free. Otherwise it will die… (Read: New Hampshire’s state motto: “Live Free or Die”)


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