Improving Your Decision Making Process

Every single day, not just in business, we face the challenge of making the right decision. Some of these decisions can impact our lives and businesses forever.    Considering the pressure involved; how can we make better, more informed decisions?

Benjamin Jones, Founder of Ben Means Business, offers some valuable tips in his blog article titled “8 Steps To Effective Decision Making.”     Benjamin offers tips and strategies to better analyze your decisions and identify problems that may exist.

One thing that I  think can be an important factor in decision making –  following your gut instinct.   Recently over at Small Business Trends Radio, featured guest Lynn Robinson discusses this topic in the podcast titled “If Your Intuition  Is Talking, Listen!”    

We often overanalyze  instead of using simple  common sense and logic.   Get back to basics by learning to  communicate with your inner instinct  to increase your self confidence and  see  positive results.    

4 Comments Improving Your Decision Making Process

  1. B Smith @ Wealth and Wisdom

    The 8 steps are good advice to follow. They drive you to make informed decisions quickly. I especially like the part about looking at the consequences. I know I personally stress too often about decisions that have no major impact.

    Lynn Robinson’s point about intuition fits nicely with the 8 steps. Often intuition is our mind’s way of bringing together minor facts and observations that our conscious mind can’t see. Where I use it most is evaluating people. Their tone and body language often are at odds with their words.

  2. Chris

    I am always quick to listen to my gut and it has been right many times. Sometimes you have to silence your fact and logic based thinking and just listen. It’s an important part of decision making and many wise business people firmly believe in this. The 8 tips that Ben offers in his article are useful tips, indeed. And a little prayer can go a long way, huh Ben? :-)

  3. Ben Jones

    Wow….thanks so much Steve for linking to my post. This was quite a surprise. Also, thanks to B Smith and Chris for your kind comments. They are greatly appreciated.

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    I agree that we should use common sense and logic in the same manner as taught as the father of logic, Aristotle. I “believe” (in the true sense) in the gut feeling, but it will not be my exclusive guide to action. Animals have to go by their basic instinct, but we have to rely on our sense perception as the starting point. The thread on Small Business Trends Radio got pretty intense, but I will continue to “stick to my guns” and try to spread the “voice of reason” in my way.

    Benjamin Jones: I think you have created a good list, but I will not apply step #6. I don’t have a “conversation” (read: pray) to a supernatural being.

    Best Premises,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.


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