Seeing Your Invention Thru From Start to Finish

Ron Balla had a really great idea for a product.   His brother worked as a police officer and found a need for a more secure way to detain suspects and preserve evidence.   This resulted in the invention of The Balla Base.  

Ron was a recent guest on The Small Business Trends Radio show where he discussed how he took his idea,  developed it  into a prototype and is preparing  it for the market.   Listen to the show, “How To Get Your Invention To The Market”, if you have a great idea for a product and you want to hear about Ron’s personal experience.

3 Comments Seeing Your Invention Thru From Start to Finish

  1. Chris

    Ron provided a really good interview from a very authentic standpoint and he shared some valuable advice for others as well. It’s an inspirational story that’s behind the Balla Base and it sounds as if it’s going to be a real success, too. Congratulations to him!

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