Using Innovative Thinking To Create New Products

Did you know that Japan has created a square watermelon? It’s true. They took the consumer’s need for a more space-efficient watermelon and made it into a reality. With some creative thinking, it turned out that the solution was much easier than expected. Simply grow them in square boxes!

This true story inspired “Lessons of the Square Watermelon“, written by Dave Knox on his blog, Hard Knox Life. Dave lists 5 lessons that we can take away from this unique story.

Assumptions get us in trouble in more ways than one. Being complacent and assuming that the way things are done now is the only way they can be done, would never have resulted in the mounds of technology we have now. Do a little thinking outside of the box and leave the inside of the box to the watermelons.

4 Comments Using Innovative Thinking To Create New Products

  1. Chris

    Funny how thinking “outside of the box” ended up with a product developed inside of a box. It’s a fantastic idea and I’ve even avoided purchasing melons due to the fact that I have no room for them in my refrigerator to keep them. Something like this would entice me to buy for those purposes as well as the fact that they are probably much easier to deal with slicing and serving, too. Not to mention that for the growers, I bet it’s also less space consuming to grow them as well and I would imagine that they are able to grow more of them as a result of the space savings. Japanese farmers are teaching us a thing or two here, huh? Very interesting and they look great, too. Now . . . I WANT ONE!

  2. Anita Campbell

    One of Dave’s points that I thought was crucial was #1: “Don’t assume.”

    A lot of people would be stopped in their tracks right there — they wouldn’t challenge the status quot because they wouldn’t take the time to even consider the issue. And they just wouldn’t think about it, hence they’d never come up with a solution.

  3. Don

    Wow, I’m surprised this has not made it to the states yet. A really great idea and they look so much easier to handle. This is a definite example of how effective creative thinking can be. They came up with a simple solution that consumers are willing to spend more money on. Genious!


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