Crazy Ideas Produce Some Successful Businesses

With the current state of the economy, the need to make extra money online has spawned some really successful businesses.   Ryan, one of the authors on Business Pundit, lists some very creative businesses in the blog article “15 Crazy Ways People Make Money In Today’s Economy“.  

What if you had a business idea but you thought no one else would be interested?   Would you take the risk and try anyway?   Whateverlife was started by a teenage girl to assist others with MySpace layouts.   According to Ryan’s article, she now receives around 7 million visitors to the site each month and has received generous offers to buy her site.   Does this list inspire you to start an unusual business online?

4 Comments Crazy Ideas Produce Some Successful Businesses

  1. Chris

    It’s amazing the niche businesses that the web is creating for people out there. Find a need, fill a demand and you may just see success. I especially like to hear stories about people who just kinda approached it like that and stumbled onto success, too. Whateverlife saw a need and filled a demand – and she just may get rich because of it. How absolutely fantastic is that???? I love it.

  2. Don

    It’s amazing the things that people come up with. Who would have ever thought you could make so much money just by loading songs onto people’s ipods? I never would have guessed that people would pay to have that done for them.

  3. Chris

    Good point about the music downloads. I never thought I’d see the day that you would be paying for that – being an early Napster fan myself. Honestly, I thought when they started charging, people would loose interest. Boy was I wrong!


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