Getting The Best Efficiency From Your Digital Workplace

error-screens.jpgComputers have increasingly become our lifeline to the outside world.   If you use your computer daily for business or work, then you know exactly how important it is that it run properly everyday.   Even simple performance problems  can  easily result in losing hours of valuable work time or even worse, losing data.  

If you don’t know how to keep your computer in tip top shape; read Celine Roque’s article, “Giving Your Digital Workspace a Tune Up” .   Celine outlines some  basic steps you can take to make your computer run at peak performance.    

1 Comment Getting The Best Efficiency From Your Digital Workplace

  1. speedy

    That’s really true if we really can free up our computer for more space for more valuable information. I have just clean up my desktop last night. There are many application that I have install it long time ago. But is rarely use it. However, you still need to clean up your cookies and cache page in your pc.


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