Is Your Small Business Office Eco-Friendly?

green-office.jpgLately I have been trying to make a conscious effort to make smarter decisions to save energy and live a greener life. We have switched to energy saving light bulbs and unplugged electronics and appliances when they are not being used. My latest purchase of recycled office printer paper got me wondering how small businesses can make their office spaces more eco-friendly.

Low Impact Living has come up with “10 Ways To Green Your Office“. I was surprised to learn from this list that laptop computers use up to 90% less energy than desktops. That is amazing. It definitely will make me double think buying a new desktop when the time comes up again. I may just have to switch to using a laptop computer everyday.

So now I’m curious. Have any  of our Small Business CEO readers started making greener choices in their office spaces? I’d love to hear your ideas and implement them into my own office.

7 Comments Is Your Small Business Office Eco-Friendly?

  1. Don

    Our office has also switched to recycled printer paper and I try my best to print on both sides of the sheet whenever I can. We have also made sure everyone is shutting down and unplugging their workstations at the end of each work day. Gradually we will make small changes as new products become available to us.

  2. Martin Lindeskog

    The question you should ask yourself: Do I have the right to change my environment, i.e. surrounding, in order to create a better work environment and therefore a more productive way of doing business.

    I use as much paper I need. I used old papers now and then. I want to support the paper industry too. Recycle as much as you want, but don’t force others to do it.

    Electrical equipment are often working in an optimal way if you let them be on all the time. If you switch on and off all the time, it takes plenty of energy and could deduct the life span of the product.

  3. Anita Campbell

    We’ve switched to using recycled paper.

    And we keep a pile of paper “rejects’ — those pages that are incorrectly printed or early drafts. Then we cut up the rejects and turn them into notepad paper. We use the notepad paper for grocery lists, etc.

    We’ve switched to electronic statements and electronic payments for a lot of bills.

    We’re also conscious of the electricity we are using, shutting off lights and items we are not using at the moment.

  4. Luz


    Switching to electronic means in doing business is also good. Like for instance using electronic mails than the old fashioned mail listings. Not to mention, it’s quick than any other. :)

  5. chris

    Aren’t those using recycled paper supporting the paper industry as well? And YES, we most certainly have the right to adjust our lives accordingly and change our environments and surroundings if we choose to do so.

    Isn’t that what created our current way of life in the first place? It was our manipulation of our environment and surroundings that did so. I think it’s apparent that we have already given ourselves this right millenia ago as mankind has been changing it’s environment and surroundings since the dawn of time.

    Electrical draw from appliances may be minimal, but millions of homes making minimal draws certainly adds up to an enormouse amount of WASTED energy use.

    I think some of us are just too used to our luxurious way of life and have come to feel entitled to it, rather than grateful for it.

    Things could very easily revert back to the way they were 100 years ago if a global catastrophe were ever to occur. I don’t think we’ll be upset about being forced to use recycled paper if that ever happens.

    We are not ENTITLED to live as we do – we are FORTUNATE to live as we do – and I hope others out there feel the same as me.

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