Helpful iPhone Apps For The Busy Entrepreneur

helpful iphone appsAs the iPhone gains popularity, more and more interesting apps become available.   The iPhone is a great tool for entrepreneurs because it  helps you stay connected to  your business even when you’re on the go.

Sarah Scrafford has compiled a detailed list of some of the most useful iPhone apps.   I do not have an iPhone but from the sounds of some of these apps, I could really  gain a lot if I did.   See if you and your business can benefit from any of these “Top 20 iPhone Apps For Entrepreneurs“.

4 Comments Helpful iPhone Apps For The Busy Entrepreneur

  1. Don

    Great list of apps with some really cool features. I especially like the mileage counter and the package track. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Anita Campbell

    Hi Paula,

    I have an iTouch (or iPod Touch) which is like an iPhone, except without the phone. So in essence it is a PDA with an iPod attached to it. You can watch video through it, too.

    I love it. I can get access to the Web, check GMail, and sync up my Outlook Contacts and Calendar so I have all my necessary data with me. And on long flights I can watch movies or listen to downloaded podcasts or music.

    And many of the Apps in the iPhone Apps Store work with the iTouch, too. For instance, I downloaded a sudoku app so that I can play sudoku if I am bored, and if someone has already filled out the airline magazine’s version of the game.



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