Keeping Track Of Your Online Reputation

monitor your online business reputationIn these tough economic times, who isn’t concerned with keeping their customers satisfied?   With the convenience of social media sites and forums, it’s easy for one negative comment about your business to spread like wild fire.   Once the fire starts, it can be difficult to contain it and put it out completely.

It seems like  almost everyone is turning to Google Alerts to keep tabs on what’s being said about themselves and/or their businesses.    Although it’s a free, easy to use and convenient service, there are other avenues to take to monitor your business.   Kari Rippetoe has posted “17 Tools For Monitoring Your Company’s Online Reputation” on her blog, The Caffeinated Blog.

Kari’s list contains  tools that are all free for your use.   Most of them are new to me and I am eager to test them out for myself.

4 Comments Keeping Track Of Your Online Reputation

  1. Jimmy K

    Another thing you can do to maintain your online reputation is make sure the information visible about you or your business online is accurate and relevant. I found a very useful tool for doing this at


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