Build Your Business Brand By Getting Noticed Online

All of your hard work is not over once you launch your small business startup online.   Don’t overlook the need to promote yourself in order to draw in clients and customers.   Believe me, just because you posted yourself to the web doesn’t necessarily mean you will be swamped with visitors to your site.   The competition is stiff and your next step should be getting your business noticed.

Consider implementing a few of Nathan Burke’s marketing ideas from his article, Top 10 Tips To Get Your Startup Noticed.   While all of his ten recommendations are helpful; participating in conversations online such as in forums, on blogs, and on social media sites, can gain you a lot of much needed exposure.   The connections you make and the bonds you build with potential customers can far outweigh the time you invest.

4 Comments Build Your Business Brand By Getting Noticed Online

  1. Martin Lindeskog


    Thanks for directing me to a great list. It will be useful for my new business assignment that has to do with thoughtful messages on t-shirt for a specific niche of individuals…

  2. Austin Clark

    As an experience business person, it is my belief that the most important aspect of business is marketing. This is a secret that took me years to learn but once I did everything took off. And, internet marketing is something that can be done on any budget.


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