Etiquette Tips For The Holiday Office Party

holiday office party etiquetteAs Christmas approaches quickly, so do the holiday office parties.   If your company is not experiencing the Holiday Party Blues, by cancelling their corporate celebration, consider passing along Business Etiquette Tips For The Company Holiday Party to coworkers or employees.

In this list, Carol Bory expresses the importance of remembering that the festivities are still a business event and should be treated as such.   If you know someone who could benefit from reading this list, pass it along and save everyone involved from the embarrassment that could possibly ensue.

4 Comments Etiquette Tips For The Holiday Office Party

  1. Chris

    Ahhh. . . the office Christmas party! I’ve seen many other sides to previous fellow co-workers at these events. Offering etiquette tips is a fantastic idea as many, many people out there could use them, ha ha!

    I like the photo accompanying this post, too. . . it speaks volumns :-) There’s at least one in every bunch!


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