Beginner’s Tips For Marketing Your Business With Social Media

social media marketingWith the new year just around the corner, I’ll bet your business is getting into gear and setting new goals to accomplish.   Maybe you’re even considering marketing yourselves better online.   Beginners, new to the world of blogging and social media, may find themselves scratching their heads as to where this all begins.   Mike Fruchter’s list of 35 Tips For Getting Started With Social Media is a thorough list of steps necessary to help get you started from the very beginning.

There is a lot of great advice listed in these tips that a beginner would easily overlook.   It takes lots of time and patience to teach yourself the ins and outs of social media but be patient because the rewards can be well worth your efforts.

4 Comments Beginner’s Tips For Marketing Your Business With Social Media

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    Great information! Social Media Optimization, as part of a comprehensive Online Marketing Campaign, can help to increase online presence, attract targeted website traffic, and boost sales/revenue.


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