The Dirty Little Secret of Online Reviews

Today’s comic strip by Dilbert is hilarious — and all too true.   Online reviews are the dirty little secret of the Web: cartoon about online reviews

Online reviews can be helpful, but sometimes they are “weaponized.”

What I hate most is when competitors go on a campaign to trash the competition in reviews. On my blogs, I can tell a comment that’s a hit job. For instance, I might have a review available, and then someone with a carefully-hidden identify (fake email, no website listed) leaves a comment trashing the company I wrote about or just leaving a thinly-veiled sales pitch for a competitor’s product or service. Often I have to delete those kinds of comments, because they are so blatantly driven by competitors and not real reader reactions.

Unless you have the guts to leave some real identification and write in your own name, I won’t let you hijack my site to spread negative stuff about your competition. But if you are brave enough to leave real information about who you are, I’ll leave comments if they seem legitimately motivated by a bad experience you had, or if you are merely trying to point out another helpful resource for readers.

2 Comments The Dirty Little Secret of Online Reviews

  1. Arthur Bland

    Exactly Anita. No one really beats an honest review from real and reliable people on the web. Also, in the consumer’s point of view, reviews play a very important role in deciding whether to buy the product or not.


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