Profile Pages – How Important Are They To Your Business?

public profile pages

If you think completing public profile pages is a waste of time, you may want to think again.   Travis Campbell of Marketing Professor gives us 5 Ways Profile Pages Can Help Your Business.

Everyone searches online, including our prospects and customers, having public pages helps them to find you.   Every time you put up a public page, or update an existing one, it calls the search engines and let’s them know to come and see the new content.   And every time there is a new instance of your information on a different page of a different site (another social network) the search engines weigh that more favorably.

I guess I had never considered public profile pages as a means of generating search results.   Thanks to bloggers like Travis, I learn something new everyday.   Now I just need to find some time to update all of mine…

6 Comments Profile Pages – How Important Are They To Your Business?

  1. Chris

    Wow, that’s interesting and I had no idea the effect it could have. I’m with you . . now to properly update mine :-)

  2. Martin Lindeskog

    You probably will have a place to compile all your profiles into one sometime in the future. Could this be the ultimate start / homepage?

    I have compiled most of my profile pages on my own personal domain .name!

  3. TJ McCue

    Hi Amanda
    Terrific reminder. In my work helping people with their linkedin profiles, this is often my message — your public profile is clutch. Meaning it is super important — if someone does a search on my name my LinkedIn profile often pops up ahead of other web work I’ve done years ago. LinkedIn and other social networks have a high authority rank with Google and other search engines. So, this is great to share and remind other small biz owners of the importance of having a full linkedin profile (or wherever you work the social net).


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