Employee Rewards For A Job Well Done

rewarding your employeesIn the midst of this economic downturn, I find myself wondering how employees are faring these days.   Just how badly are employees being affected by business cutbacks?   Are employees still getting rewarded for jobs well done?   It makes me wonder just how far the horrible state of the economy reaches and who’s feeling the effects.   Afterall, the quality of your employee’s work shouldn’t have changed but are they still receiving recognition when they go above and beyond?

I think rewarding employees is a great motivational tool.   Even though your business may currently be suffering some setbacks, you want your employees to remain inspired and eager to push your business ahead.   As Tim Berry suggests in his recent U.S. News & World Report article, “give a specific individual award or bonus quickly, right then. Don’t wait.”     I can definitely agree with Tim that employees respond better when rewarded quickly for their efforts.   Will you be rewarding your employees this year?   If so, what is your reward procedure for a job well done?

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  1. Robert "Butch" Greenawalt

    In many ways the responses employers get after giving rewards have become the reasons employees no longer receive them. While the current economic climate may certainly have adverse effects to giving them, it certainly isn’t the only reason that their not as frequent anymore. There is an art to gratitude which is often lost somehow in the translation.

  2. Vicki | reward programs

    I hope that a return to employee reward programs comes sooner rather than later. My company has cut it out of the budget and I am concerned that it may have really impacted the moral of the sales staff. The negative implications could be huge.

  3. Cubziz

    Employee Rewards are few and far between these days.

    I admit, I long for the days where I received compliments for a job well done rather than wait all year for a bonus only to be told that it was cut from the budget so there will be none.

    Failing to recognize the efforts of one’s employees simply results in resentment and their urge to find some place where they will be appreciated.

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