Sweeten Your Business With A Sprinkle Of BizSugar

BizSugar social media and content sharingLast week Small Business Trends LLC announced that it has acquired BizSugar, an online content sharing website.   If you’ve never visited BizSugar.com before, I’d like to give you a brief introduction.

BizSugar enables small businesses to share news items, blog posts, videos, podcasts or other content of benefit to fellow small business owners and entrepeneurs.   It’s a way to bring small business owners together while generating exposure for businesses and their online content.

The site is ideal for anyone who wishes to participate in an online community based on small business and entrepreneurship.   Simply visit BizSugar and register for your free account.   Once registered, you can begin to share your own small business content, vote for other submissions or just connect with others within your industry.

There are several thousand registered users already, so don’t pass up the chance to introduce your own content to this expanding audience.   You never know who’s sweet tooth you may be satisfying today.

7 Comments Sweeten Your Business With A Sprinkle Of BizSugar

  1. Don

    Cool, I didn’t even know this site existed. So far I’ve found a lot of interesting articles over there. I like content sharing sites but usually there is so much stuff to sort through. I like that this is strictly business related so I won’t have to dig too hard to find useful info.

  2. Bianca Aquino

    I’ve made my own account at bizsugar. I love visiting it everyday because there are really a lot of very helpful articles submitted by small business owners themselves. If I could only check out all and read them. ;)

  3. Chrisanne Sternal

    Amanda, Thanks for introducing me to Bizsugar. I never knew it existed but now I am addicted. I check it daily for great small biz news and tips. This is a great resource for small business owners in any industry.


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