Will The Economy Affect The Way You Vacation This Year?

summer vacation plansAccording to the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor, a semi-annual survey, small business owners are still planning on taking summer vacations in 2009.   Surprisingly, the numbers haven’t taken as big of a dip downward as I would have expected.   While 59% said yes they would take a vacation in 2008, 56% of owners surveyed said yes to a week long vacation for 2009.   The biggest reason why we’re not taking vacations?   40% reported that they simply cannot afford it.

What wasn’t shocking was that 67% of business owners surveyed reported that the economy does affect their vacation plans.   32% of those people will choose to take a less expensive vacation this year.   Only 28% reponded that the economy has no effect on their vacation plans.

So this leaves me to wonder which percentage you fall under.   Are you one of the lucky few that will not see your vacation plans affected by the economy?   If not, what changes are being made to your vacation plans in 2009?

10 Comments Will The Economy Affect The Way You Vacation This Year?

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  2. Martin Lindeskog

    I am planning to visit The Big Apple, New York City, but I don’t know exactly when it will be. It is depending on my friend’s schedule and my plans for the rest of the year. Please click on my name (Martin Lindeskog) if you are interested to learn about my future adventure in NYC.

    I am curious how many weeks you are taking vacation? Here in Sweden it is common to take five weeks if you are employed by a company. As a small business owner (sole trader / proprietorship) I haven’t had any “real” long vacation for some time. But it try to take mini-holidays now and then. Have you read about Tim Ferriss’ idea about mini-holidays a couple of times per year? It is my goal to be able to take a break whenever I feel for it. It is a long journey toward this scenario, but it will happen! :)

  3. Amanda

    Wow, 5 weeks is common? Here in the U.S., I would say 5 weeks is uncommon. Most only take a week or two of vacation a year, with single days sprinkled sparsely in between.

    I will most likely take a full week and maybe a couple long weekends over the rest of the year. I wish Americans would learn to relax a little more. It will be hard for me to get my husband to even agree to taking one week off.

  4. Shirley @ Solo Business Marketing

    The only change in my vacation plans is due to maturity, not the economy.

    I will not travel by plane to my vacation spot simply because it’s a hassle. If I’m speaking out of town and must take a plane, I’ll piggyback some days to enjoy the area, but that time is not my official vacation.

    My husband and I plan to travel by car up to 6 hours to enjoy Maine or Rhode Island or the tip of New Jersey (Cape May). The scenery is gorgeous along the way, and we enjoy stopping every 2-3 hours to stretch and explore.

    Controlling my time during the entire trip has become a very-important part of the experience.

  5. Bianca Aquino

    Oh My.. I fall under the percentage of being affected by the economy… I couldn’t just take into consideration to prioritize expensive vacation plans compared to a much more useful budget allocation.

  6. Martin Lindeskog


    I had two weeks vacation when I worked at a company in USA. I think that they had a policy to add one additional week if you had worked there for 5 – 10 years. I didn’t mind to have two weeks vacation and then having a break during some of the holidays. If you add up all the “bank holidays” (as they say in England) and public holiday celebrations (red-letter days) you have enough time to recharge your batteries.

    I think that Americans could be more efficient with their vacations and I believe that idea in the 4 Hour Work Week regarding “mini-retirements” is a good way of thinking out of the box. The Europeans have to start rethinking their long vacation time during the summer. Plenty of companies are totally shut down during July – August and it is hard for purchasers and other members of the supply chain to plan accordingly.

    Shirley George Frazier: I agree with you on the hassle part of taking a vacation. It has to be more simply to travel around so you could use your time off in a good way. The travel industry has to start to think about the logistics and how to serve the customers in a better way, otherwise you will see a trend of less moving from A to B…

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    Bianca: How are things in your part of the world? Has the recession hit your area hard? What’s your favorite tourist place you want to visit?

  7. Julie T.

    While the economy is a factor in when we’ll take our vacations, it’s not a factor in whether we’ll take vacations. We do like to get away, but we invested in a time share years ago and have found it to be incredibly economical, even in today’s market.


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  9. Bahamas Resort

    I don’t think that the economy should make you alter your vacation plans drastically.

    Obviously if you planned on vacationing for a month, that might not be possible, but what business owner has time for that anyway?

    The best idea is to go for luxury as well as value, that will be the most relaxing vacation you can possibly get. Too budgeted and you risk a stressful time.


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